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China says will defend Iran even if it means launching WWIII

In December it emerged that China sold Iran, for $11 billion, advanced DF-31 ICBMs which are capable of reaching U.S. soil with nuclear warheads. North Korean engineers are helping to get the missile system up and running.


China is circumventing international sanctions against Iran by enlisting North Korea’s help in providing the Islamic state with its most advanced intercontinental ballistic missiles and the technical expertise to make those nuclear warhead-capable missiles operational. And now the Communist giant is threatening to come to Iran’s defense should the missile or nuclear sites be attacked.

Media outlets quote Chinese Maj. Gen. Zhang Zhaozhong as warning that in case of attack, China should not hesitate to protect Iran, even if it means launching World War III.

The Iranian-owned state media ran big headlines recently quoting Chinese President Hu Jintao as saying that he has ordered the Chinese Navy to prepare for war and that, in case of an attack on Iran, China will defend Iran.


This is part of the overall "Big Picture". It isn't just Iran obtaining nukes, or a threat to Israel. It's the SCO challenging the economic hegemony of the Western powers.

Just as WWI foreshadowed the end of the British Empire, even though the allies won, this is the desperate last attempt by the West to maintain their grip on power. To TPTB in the West this is an existential threat.

To ensure that we understand what led up to the start of WWIII, we need to recognize what is really happening, as it's happening.
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I See Illusory Ego End


In shambles.

Re: I See Illusory Ego End

Yes, It's over. Too late for anything but personal action to preserve the quality of life for you and those around you as long as possible.

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